Jaclyn Watterson’s first book, a collection of fictions and horrors entitled Ventriloquisms, won the 2016 Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, judged by Alexis Smith. The book will be published later this year by Willow Springs Books/Eastern Washington University.

Read the announcement here, and stay tuned for publication updates!


Advance Praise for Ventriloquisms—

“Harrowing, subversive, and gorgeously provocative, Jaclyn Watterson’s brilliant flashes of fiction interrogate what it means to have a self, a soul, a life, a body. The speakers here are indeed ventriloquists: seductive companions capable of turning the psyche inside out, exposing inchoate fears and dangerous desires as vivid dreams of lived experience.

“Travelers bold enough to venture into this strange new world will encounter exhilarating fusions of humor and horror, a proliferation of forbidden pleasures, and the wild despair of abject terror.

“Every revelatory sentence unconceals extravagant tenderness: we can’t exterminate time to save the ones we love. Their ceaseless prayers rise from the abyss, compelling us to contemplate unmitigated grief and the infinite mystery of our biological limits.

“Yes, as one mesmerizing voice tells us: You reach the place of annihilation, and you reach deeper. . . the fog clears to reveal—fog. You cannot wake up.

~ Melanie Rae Thon, author of The Voice of the RiverSilence & Song, and The 7th Man